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December 31, 2016

left back

Things to Leave Behind in 2016:
A Listicle

Rather than resolving to adopt new practices as we enter this new year, I'm going to leave a few things at the time door. Here's what's not coming with me into 2017:

1. Arguing on the internet! I've resolved to ditch this friendship-endangering, potential-friendship-thwarting, stressful, and utterly fruitless pursuit in the past, but I'm ashamed to say this election year had me relapsing like a cheese addict in Wisconsin. Er something.

In addition to alienating me from others, arguing online can also feel like doing something when it's really not accomplishing much. No judgment to those who love arguing; I'm just not particularly persuasive. The comments section, alas, is not the best place for my time and energy.

2. Avoidance! 'Tis better to do shit than to worry about not doing shit. Only took me 35 years to figure that out.

3. Isolating myself! I'm an author, a solo performer... and an extravert. After spending tons of time working, traveling, and making art all by myself, I start spinning my wheels, thinking about how much more work I should be doing, worrying about meaningless milestones, and generally freaking out about bullshit. This leads me to resolve to work more, be more, do more, cancel plans, hide away in the service of fixing myself until I'm better, greater, good enough. Then I finally say fuck it and throw an impromptu dinner party, and I feel fucking fantastic. I don't need more work time. I need more...

4. 2013! Wow, what a shit year that was for me. Truly, really, horribly shit. I've been slowly getting over it. I've cried enough tears and, I hope, learned enough lessons. Perhaps this is the year I'm finally ready to let it go.

In order to get new and better stuff, you first gotta clear the space. I'm putting this stuff down. Who knows what I'll pick up in its place? Cheese curds? Nordic LARPing? The possibilities are endless!

So, clean out some closets. Shed some skin. And have a very happy 2017.