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May 1, 2013

the most underrated comics of my generation in nyc

I am not here to hurt anyone's feelings.

I'm not trying to say that I think these two individuals are funnier or otherwise superior to their comedy peers in any way. Quite the contrary. I see these two people around the New York scene(s), alt/indie and otherwise, on a very regular basis, and they're always killing it, but they just don't seem to wind up in TimeOut New York or on audition line-ups anywhere near as much as other comics with their experience level and general air of brainy hipness.

I was lucky to start stand-up at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square, which was and continues to be a welcoming breeding ground for fresh comedy talent. And there are similar venues, like the Creek and the Cave in NYC, that help promising young comics get a foothold. But every so often, comedians who seem so obviously like they should be landing TV gigs and hip showcase spots seem to fly juuuuuuuuust below the radar.

So, in my humble, individual opinion, it's all about these two:

Justin Williams

Damn is this dude funny. I've worked with him at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival, on his podcast at Three Dudes and a Broad, and in such far-flung exotic locales as Times Square, where I saw him tell an audience of aloof midtown jerkwads a subversive and hilarious version of "The Aristocrats" joke wherein the set-up was so ridiculously over the top and brave and the punchline so satirical and intensely brilliant that it makes me a little bit dizzy just to think about it.

Not only is Justin hilarious, but he's also something like five years younger than me, and his day job is fucking professor of African history.

Get up on this guy, America.

Meghan Hanley

I've known Meghan since I moved to New York in 2009, and I recently worked with her at the 2013 Women in Comedy Festival in Boston. She's smart and seasoned and hilarious and brilliant.

A couple of years ago, she did this joke relating the movie Precious (which she saw on a date) to the promos for the Karate Kid (2010) revival. This joke was so funny I refuse to even elaborate further.

She now hosts an awesome show at Sycamore in Brooklyn (with my Afterlife co-producer George Gordon) that is so impossibly hip that I don't even fucking know what to do with myself when I'm in there.

This woman is a delight, and her stand-up is on point, and she's blonde and stunningly gorgeous.

So what is the fucking hold up, already?

And there you go, comedy nerds and gods. Pull it together and check out these two brilliant individuals.

You'll feel silly that it took you this long.