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September 13, 2010

cultural chauvinism, jerusalem, mosques, video games, and I have work to do

So Summer 2010 has been far crazier than I thought summers could be in the post-summer-before-college era, at least according to thirty years of teen sex comedies. I've been running around like crazy, and a lot has changed, but I don't have a ton of time to write so I just need to scribble down some thoughts here. I'll use bullet points just like everybody in the post-PowerPoint-invention era.

* I still get a lot of hits on this post about Junot Diaz's novel. The post is obviously not a sincere request that he translate his dialogue into English. It is a hilarious anecdote about my gringa mother. I'm not some talk-dirty-to-me-in-English-or-go-home tea party Minuteman fucking asshole, as evidenced by the fact that I have actually learned Spanish. La intención es ser chistoso, ¿me entiendes? If you sincerely think that the post is a good opportunity to lecture me on why non-translated bilingual prose is an important and fully intentional statement about culture, you can sóplalo. Con la boca. La boca estúpida.

*In a related story, my live-in manfriend (aka husband) is playing a game called Red Dead Redemption. I call it Grand Theft Wagon. Incidentally, the game has lots of non-subtitled non-translated Spanish. It's pretty cool! Except you can't choose to join the anti-government rebels and you are forced to do a bunch of brutal missions for the oppressive military dictator. Still, ¡hay tanto español!

* I went to Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock is essentially attached to the Western Wall which is about five feet away from the fifth Station of the Cross. Nuns bump into Arabs who in turn bump into Hasidim in the tiny alleyways. That's three of the holiest sites in the whole world, all right there. Is Jerusalem perfect? Far, far from it. But I for one believe in the peace process. And I know that we can handle an Islamic cultural center near the World Trade Center site. And by "we" I mean New Yorkers, who are accustomed to having neighbors from different cultures and who know that ALL OF LOWER MANHATTAN is pretty darn close to the World Trade Center site. That includes Islamic centers that already exist. And strip clubs. And leather bars. It's all right there, folks.

* I heard one opponent of the Islamic cultural center shout: "It's a Trojan Horse!" That'd be a pretty fucking shitty Trojan Horse, what with all this press and controversy. If some dude with monocle and a handlebar mustache wants to build the American Jesus Center for Puppies and Rainbows in lower Manhattan, that's when it's time to get suspicious.