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I'm Erin Judge. I'm a comedian and a writer. I live in Los Angeles. Let's hug.

July 15, 2010

just sayin'

I'm in Asheville, NC, tellin' jokes, vinyasin', and havin' epiphanies.

One thing I realized is that getting up early, walking briskly to yoga class, then eating salad and grains for breakfast feels GOOD. Also, staying out late with your friends, talking about comedy and drinking lotsa beers feels GOOD. Why do we always pit one against the other? We're strong humans; when we don't try to deny any part of ourselves, we can thrive in balance and always be celebrating.

I also realized something about myself, about how I seek people, how I talk to people, and what I do for a living (see above ("telling jokes")). I long to be known. I'm not sayin' known as in famous. I mean like, I have a deep deep desire to tell people who I am. I want others to know what I think, how I think, what I've been through, how I operate. I've worked hard to overcome so much in my mind and heart; I've macheted through the jungles of trauma and panic and depression and I've found a way -- one of many many ways -- all the way out. I want to share the conclusions I've worked for because I think other people might need to know this stuff, and I know others have wisdom that I lack and desperately need. In everything I do, every interaction I have, I try to be as honest and open and revealing about myself as I can be in the hopes that this frame of mind can bring about an exchange that can lead to more growth, more truth, more happiness for everybody involved. Is it arrogant? Maybe. I ain't sayin' I'm RIGHT, though. I'm just sayin', this is what I got. Let's start from a big place, a deep place, a place where you can begin to trust me because I'm being honest about where I'm coming from. And let's go from there.

I'm just sayin'.