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July 30, 2008

That's MRS. Worst Bride Ever to You...

It is done.

Oh what, you want proof?!?!?!?

And it was the best day of my life.

Some highlights:

* Me sprinting down the aisle. (Okay, you think you won't, but it's a natural response!)

* The husband's notes for his vows. ("Wuv, make me happy, no greater foundation, will keep wuvving")

* Some wonderful toasts, and me catching the best man's Simpsons reference before anyone else. ("Is everybody.........good?")

* Three words: Like. A. Prayer.

Also in a completely unrelated note Wellesley girls are all unreal sexy geniuses okay that is all.

* Team Decor tarted up the tent, and then Team De-Decor (much the same personnel) ripped it all down right at the end. Fabulously.

* Our perfectly-executed first dance. Worthy of SYTYCD yo. I'm talkin' Hot Tamale Train bitches.

* My 2-year-old nephew trying to steal me away from my husband on the dance floor. (As my nephew was leaving, I said goodnight to him, and he said "I'M A GREAT DANCER!" I guess he was told that. A lot.)

* Me Crankin' that Soulja Boy with two of my favorite cousins.

* One of the caterers telling us it was the best wedding she'd ever seen. I mean, people can say that shit, but the caterer? She's seen a couple weddings yo.

* The Way You Move coincidentally being the last dance of the night. I dragged my husband onto the dance floor to that song so many times when we were first dating that it kinda became our song. Dirrrrrty South!

Yeah. Perfect. And now, I'm somebody's wife! Isn't that SPECIAL?! And WHOLESOME?!?!

Awwwwwwwwwwww, little Erin's finally settled down into wholesomeness. I guess we can all stop worrying or being interested or paying attention.


So if you're still under the misimpression that I'm wholesome, check me out on Comedy Central this Friday (August 1st) at 10pm.

More details are here.

Hooray for nightclub entertainment!!!