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August 28, 2013

art for joy's sake

A couple of weeks ago, I performed at the Nines Festival with lots of other fantastic comics and some amazing musicians. I spent my afternoon laughing, telling jokes, dancing, and marveling at the magnificent creativity of the sculptors, dancers, visual artists, food venders, and talented producers who contributed to the feast of human expression and potential on display all around me that day.

I realized recently that, as an an artist, I'm no longer anywhere near as interested in feeling recognized and accepted and celebrated as I am in making my audience feel recognized and accepted and celebrated. And happy. This transition has been somewhat gradual, but where I am with it now feels good and right.

Here's to the art that makes your heart swell with love for yourself and the promise of your own creative genius.

(And if you're gonna be in California, Maryland, or DC over the next few weeks, come check out a show. I'll do my best to make you smile.)

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