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July 15, 2013

social media-crity

Between June 26th and July 14th, I took a break from Facebook and Twitter. I didn't label it a "fast" or a "sabbatical," nor was I religiously strict about it. I checked most days for messages on Facebook (because that's where a lot of my professional colleagues reach me) and crazy shit on Twitter (like an errant "Test" I didn't write, which prompted me to deny access for a few apps and change my password and feel humiliated that two people RT'ed it).

Here is what I learned:

Twitter Miss
Despite barely participating in Twitter for three weeks, I nonetheless gained and lost 3 to 5 followers a day. I wound up with roughly the same number of followers I started with. Lesson: Never ever saying shit is dead even with releasing frequent pithy blah-blahs when it comes to expanding my influence. Bummer.

Not Like
Of course I know it's not necessary for me to weigh in on every news controversy or comedy world conflict. I just always thought I did it for fun. What I realized when I stopped for a while is that it's actually pretty stressful. From the extremely active and sometimes combative message board system on my college campus to the world of blog comments and lengthy wall threads, I've been fighting with strangers (and acquaintances! and family!) publicly on the internet for my entire adult life and most of my adolescence. But it turns out I feel better overall when I just... don't do that. Like, at all. Weird.

I Fucking Love Babies and Weddings
Let the haters hate. Babies and weddings are by far the best part of Facebook. And touching tributes to departed loved ones are neither tacky nor inappropriate. They're lovely and human. At its best, Facebook lets people share the big moments in their lives with family and friends (and a few highly-paid corporate demographers).

Resolved: I'll focus more on the lovey-dovey, touchy-feely aspects of Facebook, and I'll throw Twitter a joke or two from time to time without putting too much energy into following every little controversy and hashtag. And I will not let social media get me all stressed-out and worked up and combative and unproductively ragey. Because my righteous indignation is potent, yo! It should be employed in the service of actually fucking shit up, not just sitting around being mad at @IAmSomeJerkfaceIdiot or whatever.

To sum up, from now on, my relationship with social media will be more of this:

...and less of this: