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June 6, 2013

myq kaplan is my life coach

(Editor's note: Myq's CD Meat Robot came out on June 11th. Download it here.)

As regular readers of this blog know, I've had kind of a rough year. Fortunately for me, I'm lucky enough to be good friends with the hilarious and talented Myq Kaplan...

....who graciously agreed to help me out of my doldrums by listening to me bitch and giving me little pep talks. In return, I secretly wrote down choice quotes from our conversations to someday share with the entire world.

So, dear reader, please enjoy the deliciously logical advice of Myq Kaplan, Life Coach:

“You can brag to me! I’m doing better than you!”

Are you? I hadn't noticed.

“You’re a woman with a brain who has sex and says things!”

Thanks! Maybe I'll put that in my bio.

At some point in our conversations, I started venting my fears about having kids some day, which produced these gems:

“You don’t have to be bored when you’re pregnant. Read a book!”
“You could be a MILF. Now you’re just a LILF. You know, a Lady.”

Again, serious bio potential there.

And finally, one day I was really pouring my heart out when Myq suddenly interrupted me to say:

“Hang on, Erin. I just saw a pre-adolescent girl wearing a T-shirt that I also own.”

For the record, the shirt in question is this one:

In conclusion, I love you, Myq. Thanks for everything.

(You should love Myq too. Follow him on Twitter and listen to his podcast and become his devoted fan forever. You can thank me later.)

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