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August 19, 2008

becoming a bicon

Here's an interesting factaroony: My "Dumb and Crazy" video on, which is about my zany bisexual antics, has over 37,000 views!! When you compare that to the other videos, which have around five or six thousand hits apiece, it stands to reason that the bisexuality video is posted someplace bisexual for bisexuals to view bisexually.

P.S. Bisexual.

P.P.S. Hi Grandma!

I can't figure out where the thing is posted, though. I googled "bisexual comedian," and it returned plenty of pages about the not-so-much-zany-as-tragic antics of one Andy Dick. If anybody wants to send me the link to the message board or online community or RSS-feed-bisexual-brew-ha-ha where this video is posted, I would appreciate it.

Anyhoo, this got me thinking: Since I'm done being the Worst BRIDE Ever, I think it's probably the perfect opportunity to declare myself the Worst Bisexual Ever. Seriously, folks! For one thing, I'm MARRIED, to a DUDE. For another thing, I don't even know where to go on the tubes to find the bisexual webring that's making my video so famous. How pathetic is that?!

The good news is, married or not (and hopefully not not), I'm still as bi as they come. And I don't think I've embarrassed my family enough on the internet this year, so rebranding my blog to be about the sluttiest sexual orientation possible seems like a prudent decision at this time.

Graphic design updates should be any second now....

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the_ocean said...

LOL, I LOVED that clip. I can't say I've seen it posted on any bisexual sites...However, I know a bunch of people watched your gig after you'd posted on facebook about the show airing that night...Comedy Central also had it posted the day after you'd aired... I know I for once, forwarded the link to all my gay, straight, and bi friends since it captured everything I've been bitchin about the last few years...I imagine everyone bi who watched it probably did the was FANTASTIC. facebook and email are amazing... :p

-Olivia H