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August 21, 2007



Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the pressure!

Pushin' down on me. Pushin' down on you. No bride asks for

Sooooo...IguessIhaven'texactlybloggedinawhileIguess. Sorry, loyal blogosphere-ee-ites. But you see, I am just absolutely positively cracking under the pressure of abject real-world bride-ocity. It's totally, totally true.


Okay, so maaaaaybe I've been ignoring my wedding-obsessing-related duties and focusing instead on advancing my comedy career. But that's not the real, actual, veracious reason why I've been neglecting this blog. The truth -- and I mean absolute, thorough, Bible-esque truth -- is that I have been inundated with fan mail. Rather than continue the blogging that has garnered so many fans and followers, I instead conducted a leisurely wade through the reams and chapters and volumes of letters I've received from my fellow hysterical indie-bride. And, dear readers, in doing so, I have finally found my calling: advice columnist to the stars! Errr, brides! The star-brides! Of indie-wedding-dom.

So now I'm a part-time internet weblog advice columnist. Which is freaking awesome. So write in your questions ladies! And gents, er whatever! Advice begins now! And please, keep your questions to the psychological and emotional rather than the practical. I can't tell you which fucking centerpieces to pick or how to stretch your budget for the sake of the salmon, alright? I'm more about the where-to-stash-one's-alcoholic-family problems. Capiche?!

Okay, so that's settled. And also I will blog regular-like, but there will be lots of advice given as well. On with the fun!


*Yeah, I know, we're all asking for it. What with our scandalous floor-length virgin-white** dresses and all.

**New from Crayola!

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